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Witness Identification Issues and Problems

Thomas D. Kenny, President of KMKM Law Group, PC. Discussed Witness Identification Issues and their impact on Criminal Justice and Criminal Prosecutions. “If you are arrested by the police and there is an allegation that you have committed a crime and you do not know the person, make sure to ask for a Line Up at your Preliminary Hearing.” Further, make sure your counsel makes this request while you are not in the room. As strange as it sounds, a lot of inexperienced counsel will allow their client to stay in the courtroom while announcing a lineup, only to have the witness stand up in the courtroom and positively ID the client sitting next to his counsel. Bad Move. This can go for any crime, including but not limited to, Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Burglary, Car Theft, Car Jacking, and Rape. Once your client is ID’d and that is not an issue, it makes it that much harder for a Criminal Defense Attorney to win the case.