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Importance of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Thomas D. Kenny, President of KMKM Law Group, PC. Discussed the importance of hiring seasoned criminal defense counsel even at the earliest stages of the process including arrest.  A client asked me yesterday why is it so important to hire an attorney so early? Can’t we just wait and see how the process goes? Wrong. No Way. The process is set up to protect Criminal Defendants but without a knowledgeable eye many problems may develop. Case in point: Client gets arrested and the Government claims your 35 year old contractor client beat up a 60 year old neighbor. At the initial bail hearing the bail commissioner is ready to impose a quarter million dollar bail since the claims sounds bad. Enter counsel at the bail argument and I point out that there was not only a PFA filed against the Complainant but the local police knew of the so-called Complainants bizarre and irrational behavior on countless other occasions in the neighborhood resulting in only a two thousand dollar cash bail ($2000). When you are in trouble don’t wait to see what happens, protect yourself.